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I’m going shopping tonight for new bicycle things 🙂 SUPER EXCITED. Things I need/want

  • Inner tube replacement
  • Multi-Tool
  • Cycling Gloves
  • JERSEY! 😀
  • Gu BREW & Gu Enery Gels!

What do you carry with you on your long rides? Nutrition? Tools? I need some advice!First off I’m going to preface this with, I know I should now how but I don’t…. What do you need to fix a flat out on a long cycle, like how do you in flat your tire? 😦

Additionally I found this awesome recipe from Vegan Vistor’s Blog 🙂 It’s a must try for the summer, especially for those of us who love our Avocados! 

      Not Your Aunt’s Creamy Potato Salad

1/2 Lbs New Potatoes, scrubbed
1 Large Ripe Avocado
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
1/4 teaspoon Kosher Salt, or to taste
Freshly Ground Black Pepper
2 Tablespoons Mixed Chopped Herbs, Try dill&chives, cilantro&scapes or parsley&tarragon – or mix and match them all together. Steam the potatoes until they are just fork tender but al dente.
Cool until the potatoes can be handled, then quarter.
Peel and dice the avocado and combine with the potatoes and lemon juice in a large bowl.
Stir in the herbs, then season with salt and pepper to taste.
Toss well to coat everything and to break down some of the softened avocado.

Make sure to check Dayna’s Blog out!

I appreciate everyone’s advice!





My first experience with a Triathlon was the Rev3Tri in Williamsburg, VA. I did not know a single person competing in the race, and I had no idea what to expect either. I was in pure amazement.


Transition Area 1 (Swim to bike)


The people in the Triathlon were all shapes, sizes, levels of physical ability, it was amazing! I was so blown away by the number of people that were able to compete and actually finish this race! I was stationed at the Transition Area 1, where the athletes finished their swim, ran up to T1, brought their bicycle out to the road, to the mount line and road on like a champ! I heard a lot of people had difficulties during the swim because of the current, but still they were at the bike mount line, so I knew they were just fine!

It was so insightful being right in the middle of everything, I felt like a little insider getting ready for her first triathlon! Which by the way, I am even more motivated for signing up and training for one.


Some things I learned/observed/took note for you:

  • Wear a wet suit if it’s “wet suit legal” if you’re not a good swimmer, but don’t waste time getting out of it after your swim, just get out and go!
  • Clip-in pedals, looks like it’s the way to go ( I currently have a toe cage, or toe basket) a lot of people had their shoes already clipped in, laces, velco undone. They brought/ran their bike to the mount line, hoped on, barefoot and started riding. They slowed eased their foot into the shoe while riding.
  • Shoes & Clip-in pedals & rubber bands! Super interesting. I found that people rubber banded their shoes/pedals in a particular position so they weren’t searching for the top of the shoe.. I need to try this.
  • Nutrition, Nutrition, and Hydration!! Very important.! You don’t want to have a snack in the T1 area, get out! Have lots of nutrition taped to your bike, easy to see, easy to remove, and easy to consume! Also, I noticed a lot of people had their water bottles flying out when they hit the road, and well, luckily their were some nice participants, volunteers and spectators running around chasing them for the athletes. So make sure you water bottle doesn’t fly out over a bump.
  • Mount-Line, my observation, a lot of people try to mount their bike before the line, right at the line, or a foot above the line… my advice, run through the mount line maybe 5 feet, mount your bike and pedal like hell to get out of there! Then about 2-5 minutes, take some time to consume some nutrition!
  • Also be ready for something to go wrong, and not just physically ready for something to go wrong, mentally too! It’s a race yes, but have some fun, and realize you aren’t the only one out there struggling. This is what you trained for so, always always Finish!! With a smile!

Some other neat things I saw, and that just motivated me even more included a couple of people on tandem bicycles, including a person who was blind! They were so amazing, I was just so proud of them, I wanted to go pat them on the back, but of course refrained. Anyways, I took some pictures which you can find below 🙂

Also, if you’re thinking about doing a triathlon, DO IT! It’s amazing, and such an accomplishment.

Now if only I could find a tri training partner, that would push me more than I already push myself. I will keep working on this. More to come on my swimming break through, who knows maybe I’ll get one of the lifeguards to videotape me and I can post it! 😀


A Male leader in the Rev3Tri!



Another leader in the Rev3Tri!


My sweet swag for Volunteering!

Keep up the great work, power through and reward yourself.


My Bike on the Trunk Rack!

Saturday Morning is usually my long exercise day, meaning I wake up early, get a good 3-5 hours worth of exercise before most people in my neighborhood have breakfast or get the paper.


I woke up a little later than normal, 6:45am, rushed around the house to get everything ready for my group ride. Made my water bottles, let the dog out, fed him, and loaded my bicycle onto the rack of my vehicle. I arrived at the local bike shop where everyone meets at 7:15am, I was the first there and was a little concerned they canceled the ride. Silly me, cyclist always ride!


A side not before I get into it about my cycling. Bike Rackstrunk are scary looking and can be intimidating for someone knowing nothing about them, how they work.. etc. I have news for all of you newbies, do not be scared, they are soo easy to use! And if all else fails get that cute guy/gal at a local bike shop to show you how to instal it on your vehicle! I got mine from performance bicycle.



My first part of my ride Saturday morning was 16 miles with the C Pace group. We ride 16-18mph (I think) pace line, meaning everyone takes a turn pulling. The weather was great, and everyone was in a great mood. Half way through the ride I developed a minor headache, which quickly I learned I was dehydrated. I had my GuBrew Electrolyte water. After out 16 miles we rode back to the bike shop to meet up with the other pace groups, I was recovering from my headache and decided it was my Saturday long day, and that I would power through. During the second loop ride, B Pace and C Pace merge, and we ride a little faster 18-20 mph, which I discovered I was the only girl and novice during this ride. They rode a little quickly and I pedaled in a low gear which burned me out quickly. Another mistake I made during this ride was going up and over a bridge, I rode in a high gear which again burned my legs out.  Around mile 30 I developed a calf cramp, which I instantly knew it was from dehydration.  I decided to try out my newest nutrition purchase, GuChomps! I purchased the Lemon GuChomp. As I ate my chomps, and drank some water I was able to make it back to the local bike shop and finish with 46 miles, in 3 hours.



My mile times



Gu Chomps, Lemon Flavored  (pictured to the right)


You need to try these!


I typically use Gu Energy Gel’s with caffeine, I love the Mocha flavored! I decided I’d pick these up and try them out on my 3 hour ride, I probably should have got another package. First and foremost I love Gu, an this is my personal opinion. They were a great source of nutrition when I needed it the most, I felt the instance relief as I chewed away while cycling. I didn’t have to worry about having some gel on my face or the thick gel needing to be washed down immediately.  They are great for a cyclist, they allow you to eat one a time, breathe, and still concentrate. The only con to this, is that my hand was extremely sticky after reaching in for a few because I could not squeeze them out! ha I loved them, the flavor was good and not overwhelming. I would recommend to Gu making some chomps with caffine, I know a good amount of runners do not personally enjoy the fruity flavors.

I am going to get the Gu Recovery Brew and try that out this weekend and tell you all how it is! 🙂




My ride by the beach 🙂


ps. more to come on the Rev3Tri I volunteered at on Sunday AM in Williamsburg, VA !

IMG_20130621_082713Summer is here, for most of us. Break out the bikini, and the sunscreen!


(This is the attempt to not be disappointed by the lack of sun on the first day of summer)


Okay, it’s not how I pictured the my first summer day here in Virginia Beach. I woke up, got a good swim in, about 800 meters and a good amount of water. Hey, I’m still learning how to properly swim laps with good form and technique.  I prefer the breast stroke to the freestyle because I have an easier time breathing during the breast stroke. Nonetheless, I split my time on both.


PART_1371826101379After that I picked up a co-worker to take her to the beach with me, and my friend Justin met me at the beach for a much needed and planned beach run! When I arrived at the beach, I arrived to an empty beach, with clouds, and a few rays of sunshine. We met at the first bridge, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, and ran to the next bridge and back. For a total of 4 miles, in 40 minutes. I enjoyed this run with my trusty Pandora application and my phone.  I still need to get an arm band, or something to hold my phone while I run/exercise. 

This weekend I am volunteering at my first Triathlon. Check it out, there are going to be some awesome athletes! I can not wait!






Usually I am a morning person, after I have received adequate sleep (at least 7 and a half hours)! When I wake up in the morning I have to let my puppy outside, and I start getting ready for the gym or whatever workout.


(This first picture is how I felt when I first woke up)



Wednesday morning, I was not feeling the morning, but I still forced myself to go to the pool for some laps. I decided if I acted a little silly this would motivate me, and sure enough I was there. Now I am new to swimming so I am still working on the basic’s but mostly the breathing technique while moving forward. I tend to stop kicking, lift my face out of the water, etc while doing laps. I have been pretty solid in doing laps before anything else for about 2 weeks now, and I’m slowing improving!  I really thought swimming caps looked ridiculous, I didn’t want to wear one, and I sureeeely didn’t need it. Oh boy, I was wrong.  This is my favorite piec

(Once I saw the beach, I woke up for sure, and was very happy)








This particular Tuesday I swam for a half hour, decided it was to crowded in my lane, (there was 5 of us!) and decided I would hit the beach for a run and an open water swim. I got to the beach, decided to wear my bright orange shoes and take off. I ran in the soft part of the beach for about half of the time, and then went back to the sturdier sand! I still finished my 5k in my average time! (31:00mins)  I was so impressed with myself since it was not my typical terrain.e of gear if I am swimming laps. 1. You look silly and you don’t want to stand around so you just swim a lot! 2. If you have any length of hair the water from your hair when you go to breathe goes straight into your mouth. So I strongly suggest anyone who is teetering on the swim cap or no cap, go with it! You don’t have to be amazing swimmer to wear one, you’ll get there though! I usually swim from a half hour to an hour. This is contingent to as how many people are at the pool, how much water I’ve swallowed, and if I’m sore.

After I got a little stretch on I decided to put my bright pink swim cap on and go for a swim, this was the first time I had attempted open water swimming for a work out. Well nonetheless there was the challenge that I expected. It wasn’t easy,  but that means it can only get better and I can learn from it. It wasn’t a bad swim, just wasn’t as long as I wanted it to be, I got tired much quicker. ( I am swimming in the ocean).


(After my workout, felt 100x better!)













As for my eating habits, and my favorite thing to drink. That surely is easy… I love green vegetables, green peppers are probably at the top of my list.  My favorite drink of all time is Kombucha Tea. It’s AMAZING! I haven’t tried a flavor I didn’t enjoy. I use it as a treat for myself after a good week of working out, or if I need a pick me up because I’m feeling blue. It’s like a guaranteed happy dance! 😀

Now time to plan my workout for tomorrow, and what I’m going to make for dinner.! I’ll share a yummy recipe soon!




A Job well done!


I have always lived a pretty active lifestyle, but as for this year I would say this is probably my most all around active year. It is a little ironic though, usually by this time every year I would have competed in about 3 road races, I have only done 1 this year.

So I have been an avid runner since 10th grade, which I guess I’m going on 9 years now! I recently purchased a road bike, which I will nickname him eventually. I have fallen in love with cycling. I have only had my bike for 3 weeks now and have road over 100 miles, today was the first day I road my bike to work instead of using my car. I’m so proud of giving my car up for a short commute, and enjoying some exercise before work. It was actually shorter than my car ride! (3.5 miles in about 18 minutes!) I am trying to convince some co-workers of mine this is the way to go since some of us don’t live to far! We shall see how this adventure goes. Until next time, you can follow my workouts on endomondo  (


Keep up the great work everyone.


(This is at the end of the day, I was ready to ride!

Beach to Battleship 140.6

Beach to Battleship 140.6October 17th, 2015
Time to take on the biggest physical and mental challenge !

Mileage 2015

Running 2015
(does not include treadmill)

Miles this Month: 12
Miles this Year: 88.5


Miles this Month: 120
Miles this Year: 381.2



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