Usually I am a morning person, after I have received adequate sleep (at least 7 and a half hours)! When I wake up in the morning I have to let my puppy outside, and I start getting ready for the gym or whatever workout.


(This first picture is how I felt when I first woke up)



Wednesday morning, I was not feeling the morning, but I still forced myself to go to the pool for some laps. I decided if I acted a little silly this would motivate me, and sure enough I was there. Now I am new to swimming so I am still working on the basic’s but mostly the breathing technique while moving forward. I tend to stop kicking, lift my face out of the water, etc while doing laps. I have been pretty solid in doing laps before anything else for about 2 weeks now, and I’m slowing improving!  I really thought swimming caps looked ridiculous, I didn’t want to wear one, and I sureeeely didn’t need it. Oh boy, I was wrong.  This is my favorite piec

(Once I saw the beach, I woke up for sure, and was very happy)








This particular Tuesday I swam for a half hour, decided it was to crowded in my lane, (there was 5 of us!) and decided I would hit the beach for a run and an open water swim. I got to the beach, decided to wear my bright orange shoes and take off. I ran in the soft part of the beach for about half of the time, and then went back to the sturdier sand! I still finished my 5k in my average time! (31:00mins)  I was so impressed with myself since it was not my typical terrain.e of gear if I am swimming laps. 1. You look silly and you don’t want to stand around so you just swim a lot! 2. If you have any length of hair the water from your hair when you go to breathe goes straight into your mouth. So I strongly suggest anyone who is teetering on the swim cap or no cap, go with it! You don’t have to be amazing swimmer to wear one, you’ll get there though! I usually swim from a half hour to an hour. This is contingent to as how many people are at the pool, how much water I’ve swallowed, and if I’m sore.

After I got a little stretch on I decided to put my bright pink swim cap on and go for a swim, this was the first time I had attempted open water swimming for a work out. Well nonetheless there was the challenge that I expected. It wasn’t easy,  but that means it can only get better and I can learn from it. It wasn’t a bad swim, just wasn’t as long as I wanted it to be, I got tired much quicker. ( I am swimming in the ocean).


(After my workout, felt 100x better!)













As for my eating habits, and my favorite thing to drink. That surely is easy… I love green vegetables, green peppers are probably at the top of my list.  My favorite drink of all time is Kombucha Tea. It’s AMAZING! I haven’t tried a flavor I didn’t enjoy. I use it as a treat for myself after a good week of working out, or if I need a pick me up because I’m feeling blue. It’s like a guaranteed happy dance! 😀

Now time to plan my workout for tomorrow, and what I’m going to make for dinner.! I’ll share a yummy recipe soon!




A Job well done!