IMG_20130621_082713Summer is here, for most of us. Break out the bikini, and the sunscreen!


(This is the attempt to not be disappointed by the lack of sun on the first day of summer)


Okay, it’s not how I pictured the my first summer day here in Virginia Beach. I woke up, got a good swim in, about 800 meters and a good amount of water. Hey, I’m still learning how to properly swim laps with good form and technique.  I prefer the breast stroke to the freestyle because I have an easier time breathing during the breast stroke. Nonetheless, I split my time on both.


PART_1371826101379After that I picked up a co-worker to take her to the beach with me, and my friend Justin met me at the beach for a much needed and planned beach run! When I arrived at the beach, I arrived to an empty beach, with clouds, and a few rays of sunshine. We met at the first bridge, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, and ran to the next bridge and back. For a total of 4 miles, in 40 minutes. I enjoyed this run with my trusty Pandora application and my phone.  I still need to get an arm band, or something to hold my phone while I run/exercise. 

This weekend I am volunteering at my first Triathlon. Check it out, there are going to be some awesome athletes! I can not wait!