My Bike on the Trunk Rack!

Saturday Morning is usually my long exercise day, meaning I wake up early, get a good 3-5 hours worth of exercise before most people in my neighborhood have breakfast or get the paper.


I woke up a little later than normal, 6:45am, rushed around the house to get everything ready for my group ride. Made my water bottles, let the dog out, fed him, and loaded my bicycle onto the rack of my vehicle. I arrived at the local bike shop where everyone meets at 7:15am, I was the first there and was a little concerned they canceled the ride. Silly me, cyclist always ride!


A side not before I get into it about my cycling. Bike Rackstrunk are scary looking and can be intimidating for someone knowing nothing about them, how they work.. etc. I have news for all of you newbies, do not be scared, they are soo easy to use! And if all else fails get that cute guy/gal at a local bike shop to show you how to instal it on your vehicle! I got mine from performance bicycle.



My first part of my ride Saturday morning was 16 miles with the C Pace group. We ride 16-18mph (I think) pace line, meaning everyone takes a turn pulling. The weather was great, and everyone was in a great mood. Half way through the ride I developed a minor headache, which quickly I learned I was dehydrated. I had my GuBrew Electrolyte water. After out 16 miles we rode back to the bike shop to meet up with the other pace groups, I was recovering from my headache and decided it was my Saturday long day, and that I would power through. During the second loop ride, B Pace and C Pace merge, and we ride a little faster 18-20 mph, which I discovered I was the only girl and novice during this ride. They rode a little quickly and I pedaled in a low gear which burned me out quickly. Another mistake I made during this ride was going up and over a bridge, I rode in a high gear which again burned my legs out.  Around mile 30 I developed a calf cramp, which I instantly knew it was from dehydration.  I decided to try out my newest nutrition purchase, GuChomps! I purchased the Lemon GuChomp. As I ate my chomps, and drank some water I was able to make it back to the local bike shop and finish with 46 miles, in 3 hours.



My mile times



Gu Chomps, Lemon Flavored  (pictured to the right)


You need to try these!


I typically use Gu Energy Gel’s with caffeine, I love the Mocha flavored! I decided I’d pick these up and try them out on my 3 hour ride, I probably should have got another package. First and foremost I love Gu, an this is my personal opinion. They were a great source of nutrition when I needed it the most, I felt the instance relief as I chewed away while cycling. I didn’t have to worry about having some gel on my face or the thick gel needing to be washed down immediately.  They are great for a cyclist, they allow you to eat one a time, breathe, and still concentrate. The only con to this, is that my hand was extremely sticky after reaching in for a few because I could not squeeze them out! ha I loved them, the flavor was good and not overwhelming. I would recommend to Gu making some chomps with caffine, I know a good amount of runners do not personally enjoy the fruity flavors.

I am going to get the Gu Recovery Brew and try that out this weekend and tell you all how it is! 🙂




My ride by the beach 🙂


ps. more to come on the Rev3Tri I volunteered at on Sunday AM in Williamsburg, VA !