My first experience with a Triathlon was the Rev3Tri in Williamsburg, VA. I did not know a single person competing in the race, and I had no idea what to expect either. I was in pure amazement.


Transition Area 1 (Swim to bike)


The people in the Triathlon were all shapes, sizes, levels of physical ability, it was amazing! I was so blown away by the number of people that were able to compete and actually finish this race! I was stationed at the Transition Area 1, where the athletes finished their swim, ran up to T1, brought their bicycle out to the road, to the mount line and road on like a champ! I heard a lot of people had difficulties during the swim because of the current, but still they were at the bike mount line, so I knew they were just fine!

It was so insightful being right in the middle of everything, I felt like a little insider getting ready for her first triathlon! Which by the way, I am even more motivated for signing up and training for one.


Some things I learned/observed/took note for you:

  • Wear a wet suit if it’s “wet suit legal” if you’re not a good swimmer, but don’t waste time getting out of it after your swim, just get out and go!
  • Clip-in pedals, looks like it’s the way to go ( I currently have a toe cage, or toe basket) a lot of people had their shoes already clipped in, laces, velco undone. They brought/ran their bike to the mount line, hoped on, barefoot and started riding. They slowed eased their foot into the shoe while riding.
  • Shoes & Clip-in pedals & rubber bands! Super interesting. I found that people rubber banded their shoes/pedals in a particular position so they weren’t searching for the top of the shoe.. I need to try this.
  • Nutrition, Nutrition, and Hydration!! Very important.! You don’t want to have a snack in the T1 area, get out! Have lots of nutrition taped to your bike, easy to see, easy to remove, and easy to consume! Also, I noticed a lot of people had their water bottles flying out when they hit the road, and well, luckily their were some nice participants, volunteers and spectators running around chasing them for the athletes. So make sure you water bottle doesn’t fly out over a bump.
  • Mount-Line, my observation, a lot of people try to mount their bike before the line, right at the line, or a foot above the line… my advice, run through the mount line maybe 5 feet, mount your bike and pedal like hell to get out of there! Then about 2-5 minutes, take some time to consume some nutrition!
  • Also be ready for something to go wrong, and not just physically ready for something to go wrong, mentally too! It’s a race yes, but have some fun, and realize you aren’t the only one out there struggling. This is what you trained for so, always always Finish!! With a smile!

Some other neat things I saw, and that just motivated me even more included a couple of people on tandem bicycles, including a person who was blind! They were so amazing, I was just so proud of them, I wanted to go pat them on the back, but of course refrained. Anyways, I took some pictures which you can find below πŸ™‚

Also, if you’re thinking about doing a triathlon, DO IT! It’s amazing, and such an accomplishment.

Now if only I could find a tri training partner, that would push me more than I already push myself. I will keep working on this. More to come on my swimming break through, who knows maybe I’ll get one of the lifeguards to videotape me and I can post it! πŸ˜€


A Male leader in the Rev3Tri!



Another leader in the Rev3Tri!


My sweet swag for Volunteering!

Keep up the great work, power through and reward yourself.