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For most athletes, it is very typical we are carrying something.. gu, gel, a key or two, cell phone, ipod, money, the kitchen sink!?? You can’t possibly have enough hands for all of that stuff, so if you’re a girl they end up in your sports bra, your hand, and where ever else you may find a place to stash them that is semi comfortable. Bring on the heat, and everything does not stay put, you’re drenched in sweat and things are slipping out of your hand. Now you’re no longer concentrating on your run… this has been a problem of mine many times over.

There is a solution!  The SPIBelt!


I found all the nutrition in my house and put it in (there is still room!)

I received the SPIbelt and was super excited about the fact that I could fit so much in it.. I immediately tried it out, put a couple of Gu’s, my cell phone, my ipod, some chews, my key, and it still zipped. I was pretty amazed. I think put it on, adjusted the size to me. It fit very well. It has two adjustable sides, which is perfect for that day in the winter you have all your extra layers on!

So I tested it out on my run next. With not as much nutrition this time.  Lets face it, I love to eat, but I am not having a picnic on my run. I fit my two gu’s and my cell phone in it and headed out the door for a good 5 miler. It didn’t bounce or move around, it was snug and very comfy. I had to leave the zipper a little undone for my headphone cord to come out (this is only a minor set back). They do have a SPIbelt with a hole in it, which you can use for your headphones.

I do a lot of cycling and for those of you who know there are special cycling jerseys with pockets in the back, well those get pretty expensive. So on my evening causal ride I throw on my SPIbelt and slide my phone in and im off on a nice ride. It takes zero time to put on, and I actually forget that it is so reachable.


I could still fit the kitchen sink and I bet it wouldn’t move around either!

I know some of my readers are all about the arm bands and armpockets…  this is an alternative for those who do not think that they could stand something on their arm while they work out. Also if  it’s super sunny out, avoid that possible tan line and put on your SPIbelt!

Here’s how you can find what other products they have, specials, and where other people love this just as much as me!



Website: (seriously go check out the other awesome products, I have a  few on my wish list)

I love all the colors they offer, and the fact that they even have sizes for children.  I am planning on using my SPIbelt during my first Triathlon here in two weeks. I think it’s going to be a great tool to use to store my nutrition and hold my bib number. Who doesn’t want a speedy transition time, I believe that the SPIbelt is going to assist me in having a super smooth and quick transition. Stay tuned for my recap of the Triathlon (only 19 days!)

So for all of you that made it down here, go ahead and enter to win your very own SPIbelt! I’m super stoked about being able to pass this along to all of my readers!   Tell me what you currently do on your long workouts.

SPIbelt Giveaway  click here

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First off, Thank you all for reading my blog and staying tuned in 🙂 I hope everyone had a great weekend and got some miles in!

I started off my birthday weekend with a wonderful group ride on Saturday 45. 63 in 2 hours and 47 minutes a personal record too! Though of course my bike did not get the memo that we were celebrating my birthday and I had a flat tire Saturday morning.  I luckily had everything I needed for the flat to be changed, and a nice biker helped me change the tube. 5 minutes flat.. I was super thankful, because if it were me there would have been some tears shed, and I would have not been able to get that many miles in. How long did it take you to change your first flat?

I then got to spend some time on the beach after my ride with some good friend.

Sunday I got another ride in with another group, an of course my bike hand another flat! This time it was the back tire, and the guy who works at the bike shop had the shop open so he was so helpful and changed it super quickly and we were off riding. Sunday I got almost 17miles in an hour and 5 minute. Not bad, and some good sprinting too! I also met two awesome women who we exchanged numbers, and hopefully we will be training for a tri together soon.

The weather wasn’t to good on Sunday for my beach bash, so some friends and I went to a local place right on the Bay, and enjoyed the sun and some drinks. We even got some mexican food afterwards. I got so many present related to my love for fitness, and even one for the LSAT.  Here are a few of my favorite, I got a bike seat cover from Japan, a RoadID braclet, a bicycle necklace, and so many more.

Love these people!


So what you’ve all been waiting for….


The winner of the Armpocket giveaway is….. Sarah S.  Thank you all for participating! Sarah please email me at



Have a good day everyone!

It’s Thursday, or for those of us who look forward to the weekend for our long workout days, it’s FRIDAY EVE! 

So here’s some fun motivation quotes to get you there!

great  Make sure you always start



Bad day? You’re so close to getting in a good mood, go ahead lace up those shoes!


Am I the only one that smiles after a good challenging workout, or through my workout? I sure hope not!


Are you asking yourself is it worth it, well keep reading.


It is always worth it! Go set a goal right now!

This is my favorite quote of all time.

favThis also applies to your running shoes, bicycles, tennis racket, soccer ball, and YOU!


I thought this was great! We are all gifted at something, it may take a little time to figure it out, but keep your head up and keep trying. Share your knowledge and have some fun!

First off, have you check out my giveaway yet…do this first if you haven’t. It’s my birthday present to one of you lucky readers! CLICK HERE!!

It’s not actually my birthday, yet. It’s like 4 days away (I’m really not counting down)  So I celebrate all week long right? How many of you do this too? Come on I know I’m not alone.

To start off my 7 day celebration I went up to Washington, DC and hung out with a few friends. My favorite part of my trip, this is hard to choose just one, I would say it was parking in


Saturday fun!

Chinatown walking around eating a chocolate crepe with strawberries and drinking bubble tea. Have I mentioned I love food, because I do, having cheat days are fun in moderation! 🙂 After our adventure in DC we made our way to Old


They were made in Kenya!

Towne Alexandria where we shopped and had a few drinks. I found the best gift to myself there…. are you ready for this. Cycling earrings from a fair trade shop called Ten Thousand Villages.

First off I love Ten Thousand Villages and have for years, there are none close to where I live, probably a good thing. I took a picture of them as soon as I bought them, and put them right on!

During my visit with my friends, we biked to the dunkin donuts down the road. I love every minute of it. I felt like a little kid with her friends having a great time! I have learned to enjoy the nice easy rides, as long as my long hard rides or my sprints. I suggest you enjoy a causal ride to take in the scenery or find a riding partner to go find a new favorite juice bar!

So I got home late Sunday, and didn’t feel the best, could tell I was fighting a cold for a little while and it had caught up with me.  With that said I took some time to rest, and let my body recover, which meant not getting up and going swimming before work for about a week or a little more. I got back to the pool on Tuesday, and with my congestion it hurt a little but boy did it feel good to glide through the water.  I don’t want to take more than 3 days off again, ever!

My younger sister is in town for the day today and tomorrow, so we are going to do a little birthday celebration. I’m pretty sure she baked me a cake as she loves to bake and dreams of her own bakery.  I’m really excited.  I’m not doing to much for my birthday this year other than I’m going to do a practice run through of my Sprint Tri on Saturday, and then for my birthday group ride on Sunday I think I might bake cupcakes for everyone afterwards. I’m going to think about it. I’m looking forward to being another year wiser and stronger!


When is the last time you went out for an enjoyable bike ride to take in the outdoors? What is your favorite accessory? What do you do when you get sick and don’t feel like working out?

I have another fun product review for you guys coming soon.. so stay tuned!


my personal favorite color

I have a fabulous offer for all of my readers… are you ready for this. I hope so!

Get 40% off ALL merchandise at, including their brand NEW Neon Calf Sleeves and Team PC Gear such as hats and running visors!

Simply enter coupon code JULY at checkout. You’ll save 40% and get free US shipping.

I personally love all of their bright colors they offer. This is perfect for you late evening night runners. You can never be bright enough, it’s always a good thing to be seen.

Hurry over to their website and get yourself a pair or three! 🙂 Hurry, coupon code JULY expires August 4, 2013.

If you haven’t already like them on facebook here  and on twitter at


sock of the month!


my armpocket!

These days we all have the leisure to run with our phone or some form of music device. Enter the problem of where do I carry it?  There are a couple of choices, your left hand, your right hand, your sports bra (my old spot) your pocket in your shorts… I’m not sure where else. Though there are issues with each of these. We sweat and holding technology in our hand just gets a bit difficult in the summer heart. In my case my phone would constantly slip, be drenched in sweat. On one of my runs, I got caught in the rain with my phone, and it was a bad day for my phone which suffered through water damage.

Solution- Armpocket!

  • There are many amazing features of this product. My favorite is the memory foam padding that is slip resistant. I did a 7 mile run in July here in VA, everything was completely drenched in sweat including the armpocket… and it didn’t slip at all. I love how it’s comfortable and does the job still!
  • Did I mention water resistant? This is amazing how many of us actually look at the weather before going out on the morning run, not me… my feet hit the ground and I go. This is great because now  I can be in clear mind about my phone if it does rain!
  • My next favorite feature is the color selection!  They are a company that knows about their clients and their active lifestyles! No  one arm is the same as the next guys or gals. With that in mind they have created armpocket with different sizes to fit YOU! And to make it even sweeter, you can add some flare if you will to your outfit with a color armpocket! I personally love running in multi color outfits, so Splash was perfect for me!
  • So lets get down to the pockets! There is a lot of room in this small accessory. Personally I was able to fit my android, ipod, some cash and a gu and zip it up! Amazing! There are two pockets for your id’s, cash or card which is super handy on those hot summer days and you see a lemonade stand!
  • Your phone, you don’t want it bouncing around in this spacious pocket right, well no worries they thought of that too! There’s a little bungee in there to keep your touch screen phone close to the front so that you can utilize the touch window on it. Very handy for changing songs or wanting to know your mileage on that app.
  • If you are worried your phone is to big, because of the otterbox, or that you just carry to much stuff, no worries, there are larger sized armpockets just for you!  Check out the other sizes i-15, i-20, i-25, i-30, i-35 and the Nighthawk!

For those of you who are all about the Eco-friendly accessories and will have nothing other than that, no worries! They made this snazzy armpocket out of environmental friendly products, which makes me love this even more. This doesn’t take away how durable this product is. I strongly recommend it.!

The only downfall to this product is the zippers, they bounce around a bit and make a good amount of noise. This is a minor thing in the overall product. I strongly recommend this product to all of the athletes,  busy moms, causal walker, hard working dads, and all of your friends!

Now the people at Armpocket have agreed to do a giveaway all of my fabulous readers. So please go ahead enter in the rafflecopter giveaway.

If you have any questions about this product I can help you, or point you in the right direction.

Go check them out:




 Armpocket Giveaway! 

US Residents only. Duplicates and comments not including the above information will be disqualified. Comments are moderated. If you don’t see your comment in a reasonable amount of time, send me an email. Bloggers and non-bloggers may enter. If you don’t want to leave your email address, please be sure to check back for my announcement on the winner. Please note that winners must respond within 48 hours of being announced/contacted or another winner will be drawn.

Tell me why you want the Armpocket!

Stay humble and make progress… Spend time on yourself and consider it an investment!

I am going to remind myself this again and again 🙂


Me outside at work today

A. Attached or Single? Single… for now?

B. Best Friend?
 I have a few best friends who I met while running Cross Country in HS, and then I have my four legged friend, Porter 🙂

C. Cake or pie? Pie! Pumpkin Pie is my absolute favorite.

D. Day of choice? Sunday. It’s usually my long run/bike ride day. Time to relax an enjoy myself. I love ME days 😉

E. Essential Items?
 My phone, runner up items running shoes, and my bike

F. Favorite color? Orange ( I currently have orange running shoes… LOVE THEM)

G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy Bears 🙂

H. Home town?
 Richmond, VA

I. Favorite Indulgence? Staying out late and dancing all night long. Never makes for a good morning though.

J. January or July? July- it’s my birthday month.

K. Kids? One day… until then, I have a furry baby who is a 1 yr old German Shepherd

L. Life isn’t complete without?
 Music, and good friends.

M. Marriage date? I’m still waiting on Mr. Right to come sweep me off my feet

N. Number of brothers/sisters?
 I’m one of 7, Number 3.

O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges obviously. It’s my favorite color.

P. Phobias?
 umm. blood. I hate blood. when I get cut, or bleed, it’s like the whole world is ending. haha I will always be a big baby when it comes to that.

Q. Quotes?


Keep this in mind!

R. Reasons to smile?
 My training make me happy I love to see the progress. All the people I meet, I love learning about them, and what they have to offer.

S. Season of choice? Fall. It’s absolute perfect time of year. The foliage changing, and it’s usually a good temperature which makes for good runs and rides! Oh and CAMPING.

T. Tag 5 People. Whoever actually reads this and wants to participate :-P

U. Unknown fact about me? I am a first geneation college student, it wasn’t easy at the time, but I made it.

V. Vegetable? Avocado! I loveeeeee them. I could live off of them, maybe. 😉

W. Worst habit? Candy. I love candy, but have really cut it out of my diet, unless I’m stressed then it’s straight to the candy.

X. Xray or Ultrasound? neither? :-/

Y. Your favorite food? Enchiladas.

Z. Zodiac sign? Leo

Any questions? 🙂

Good Afternoon my Awesome people!

So I can’t contain myself over my newest addition to my accessory collection. (it’s pretty small for a Gal’s actually). Yesterday when I got home, I do the normal routine, la de le da Check the mail, let the dog out, catch up with my roommate, give her the mail. Though after I handed her the mail she was like “Hey I think this is your Birthday present” and of course, instantly I’m super excited, trying to contain myself, and tell her there’s still 17 days till my birthday (not that I’m counting or anything 😉 ) She then proceeds to make a valid point, if I don’t open it now, then it will probably get lost… so of course I have to open it.

My first Birthday present this year… AMAZING. I love it. So ME! I love my roommate. Okay, I had to give her mad kudos. She got me this sweet necklace with 3 charms on it. The Ruby is on it for my birth stone, obviously 🙂 Then there is a 13.1 charm for my half marathon, the furthest distance I’ve run, but not for long. Then a cute charm that says Run.  🙂 I love it, it will become my new every day necklace! I usually wear a very simple one that has the word Love that has a tendency to stab me while I swim.



So on that note, I have 1 Month, 6 days OMG till my first Sprint Triathlon. Besides training, I have been searching, reading and reviewing everyone’s blog, and articles on Transitions, and essential gear. I could still use some tips, I will never be fully prepared, but I am okay with that.  Have I mentioned how excited about the Triathlon I am!? I am then going to get a Charm that says Tri on it to add to my necklace :)) ( This is a better alternative to a tattoo!)

Well back to drinking lots of water to stay hydrated for my long workout tomorrow am.

If you haven’t already, check out my ArmPocket Giveaway, and be on the look out for my Product Review coming soon!

I think running, swimming, hiking, and all the other sports getting you off of that rear end makes YOU AWESOME!

Beach to Battleship 140.6

Beach to Battleship 140.6October 17th, 2015
Time to take on the biggest physical and mental challenge !

Mileage 2015

Running 2015
(does not include treadmill)

Miles this Month: 12
Miles this Year: 88.5


Miles this Month: 120
Miles this Year: 381.2



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