Good Afternoon my Awesome people!

So I can’t contain myself over my newest addition to my accessory collection. (it’s pretty small for a Gal’s actually). Yesterday when I got home, I do the normal routine, la de le da Check the mail, let the dog out, catch up with my roommate, give her the mail. Though after I handed her the mail she was like “Hey I think this is your Birthday present” and of course, instantly I’m super excited, trying to contain myself, and tell her there’s still 17 days till my birthday (not that I’m counting or anything 😉 ) She then proceeds to make a valid point, if I don’t open it now, then it will probably get lost… so of course I have to open it.

My first Birthday present this year… AMAZING. I love it. So ME! I love my roommate. Okay, I had to give her mad kudos. She got me this sweet necklace with 3 charms on it. The Ruby is on it for my birth stone, obviously 🙂 Then there is a 13.1 charm for my half marathon, the furthest distance I’ve run, but not for long. Then a cute charm that says Run.  🙂 I love it, it will become my new every day necklace! I usually wear a very simple one that has the word Love that has a tendency to stab me while I swim.



So on that note, I have 1 Month, 6 days OMG till my first Sprint Triathlon. Besides training, I have been searching, reading and reviewing everyone’s blog, and articles on Transitions, and essential gear. I could still use some tips, I will never be fully prepared, but I am okay with that.  Have I mentioned how excited about the Triathlon I am!? I am then going to get a Charm that says Tri on it to add to my necklace :)) ( This is a better alternative to a tattoo!)

Well back to drinking lots of water to stay hydrated for my long workout tomorrow am.

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