Me outside at work today

A. Attached or Single? Single… for now?

B. Best Friend?
 I have a few best friends who I met while running Cross Country in HS, and then I have my four legged friend, Porter 🙂

C. Cake or pie? Pie! Pumpkin Pie is my absolute favorite.

D. Day of choice? Sunday. It’s usually my long run/bike ride day. Time to relax an enjoy myself. I love ME days 😉

E. Essential Items?
 My phone, runner up items running shoes, and my bike

F. Favorite color? Orange ( I currently have orange running shoes… LOVE THEM)

G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy Bears 🙂

H. Home town?
 Richmond, VA

I. Favorite Indulgence? Staying out late and dancing all night long. Never makes for a good morning though.

J. January or July? July- it’s my birthday month.

K. Kids? One day… until then, I have a furry baby who is a 1 yr old German Shepherd

L. Life isn’t complete without?
 Music, and good friends.

M. Marriage date? I’m still waiting on Mr. Right to come sweep me off my feet

N. Number of brothers/sisters?
 I’m one of 7, Number 3.

O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges obviously. It’s my favorite color.

P. Phobias?
 umm. blood. I hate blood. when I get cut, or bleed, it’s like the whole world is ending. haha I will always be a big baby when it comes to that.

Q. Quotes?


Keep this in mind!

R. Reasons to smile?
 My training make me happy I love to see the progress. All the people I meet, I love learning about them, and what they have to offer.

S. Season of choice? Fall. It’s absolute perfect time of year. The foliage changing, and it’s usually a good temperature which makes for good runs and rides! Oh and CAMPING.

T. Tag 5 People. Whoever actually reads this and wants to participate :-P

U. Unknown fact about me? I am a first geneation college student, it wasn’t easy at the time, but I made it.

V. Vegetable? Avocado! I loveeeeee them. I could live off of them, maybe. 😉

W. Worst habit? Candy. I love candy, but have really cut it out of my diet, unless I’m stressed then it’s straight to the candy.

X. Xray or Ultrasound? neither? :-/

Y. Your favorite food? Enchiladas.

Z. Zodiac sign? Leo

Any questions? 🙂