my armpocket!

These days we all have the leisure to run with our phone or some form of music device. Enter the problem of where do I carry it?  There are a couple of choices, your left hand, your right hand, your sports bra (my old spot) your pocket in your shorts… I’m not sure where else. Though there are issues with each of these. We sweat and holding technology in our hand just gets a bit difficult in the summer heart. In my case my phone would constantly slip, be drenched in sweat. On one of my runs, I got caught in the rain with my phone, and it was a bad day for my phone which suffered through water damage.

Solution- Armpocket!

  • There are many amazing features of this product. My favorite is the memory foam padding that is slip resistant. I did a 7 mile run in July here in VA, everything was completely drenched in sweat including the armpocket… and it didn’t slip at all. I love how it’s comfortable and does the job still!
  • Did I mention water resistant? This is amazing how many of us actually look at the weather before going out on the morning run, not me… my feet hit the ground and I go. This is great because now  I can be in clear mind about my phone if it does rain!
  • My next favorite feature is the color selection!  They are a company that knows about their clients and their active lifestyles! No  one arm is the same as the next guys or gals. With that in mind they have created armpocket with different sizes to fit YOU! And to make it even sweeter, you can add some flare if you will to your outfit with a color armpocket! I personally love running in multi color outfits, so Splash was perfect for me!
  • So lets get down to the pockets! There is a lot of room in this small accessory. Personally I was able to fit my android, ipod, some cash and a gu and zip it up! Amazing! There are two pockets for your id’s, cash or card which is super handy on those hot summer days and you see a lemonade stand!
  • Your phone, you don’t want it bouncing around in this spacious pocket right, well no worries they thought of that too! There’s a little bungee in there to keep your touch screen phone close to the front so that you can utilize the touch window on it. Very handy for changing songs or wanting to know your mileage on that app.
  • If you are worried your phone is to big, because of the otterbox, or that you just carry to much stuff, no worries, there are larger sized armpockets just for you!  Check out the other sizes i-15, i-20, i-25, i-30, i-35 and the Nighthawk!

For those of you who are all about the Eco-friendly accessories and will have nothing other than that, no worries! They made this snazzy armpocket out of environmental friendly products, which makes me love this even more. This doesn’t take away how durable this product is. I strongly recommend it.!

The only downfall to this product is the zippers, they bounce around a bit and make a good amount of noise. This is a minor thing in the overall product. I strongly recommend this product to all of the athletes,  busy moms, causal walker, hard working dads, and all of your friends!

Now the people at Armpocket have agreed to do a giveaway all of my fabulous readers. So please go ahead enter in the rafflecopter giveaway.

If you have any questions about this product I can help you, or point you in the right direction.

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