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It’s not actually my birthday, yet. It’s like 4 days away (I’m really not counting down)  So I celebrate all week long right? How many of you do this too? Come on I know I’m not alone.

To start off my 7 day celebration I went up to Washington, DC and hung out with a few friends. My favorite part of my trip, this is hard to choose just one, I would say it was parking in


Saturday fun!

Chinatown walking around eating a chocolate crepe with strawberries and drinking bubble tea. Have I mentioned I love food, because I do, having cheat days are fun in moderation! 🙂 After our adventure in DC we made our way to Old


They were made in Kenya!

Towne Alexandria where we shopped and had a few drinks. I found the best gift to myself there…. are you ready for this. Cycling earrings from a fair trade shop called Ten Thousand Villages.

First off I love Ten Thousand Villages and have for years, there are none close to where I live, probably a good thing. I took a picture of them as soon as I bought them, and put them right on!

During my visit with my friends, we biked to the dunkin donuts down the road. I love every minute of it. I felt like a little kid with her friends having a great time! I have learned to enjoy the nice easy rides, as long as my long hard rides or my sprints. I suggest you enjoy a causal ride to take in the scenery or find a riding partner to go find a new favorite juice bar!

So I got home late Sunday, and didn’t feel the best, could tell I was fighting a cold for a little while and it had caught up with me.  With that said I took some time to rest, and let my body recover, which meant not getting up and going swimming before work for about a week or a little more. I got back to the pool on Tuesday, and with my congestion it hurt a little but boy did it feel good to glide through the water.  I don’t want to take more than 3 days off again, ever!

My younger sister is in town for the day today and tomorrow, so we are going to do a little birthday celebration. I’m pretty sure she baked me a cake as she loves to bake and dreams of her own bakery.  I’m really excited.  I’m not doing to much for my birthday this year other than I’m going to do a practice run through of my Sprint Tri on Saturday, and then for my birthday group ride on Sunday I think I might bake cupcakes for everyone afterwards. I’m going to think about it. I’m looking forward to being another year wiser and stronger!


When is the last time you went out for an enjoyable bike ride to take in the outdoors? What is your favorite accessory? What do you do when you get sick and don’t feel like working out?

I have another fun product review for you guys coming soon.. so stay tuned!