First off, Thank you all for reading my blog and staying tuned in 🙂 I hope everyone had a great weekend and got some miles in!

I started off my birthday weekend with a wonderful group ride on Saturday 45. 63 in 2 hours and 47 minutes a personal record too! Though of course my bike did not get the memo that we were celebrating my birthday and I had a flat tire Saturday morning.  I luckily had everything I needed for the flat to be changed, and a nice biker helped me change the tube. 5 minutes flat.. I was super thankful, because if it were me there would have been some tears shed, and I would have not been able to get that many miles in. How long did it take you to change your first flat?

I then got to spend some time on the beach after my ride with some good friend.

Sunday I got another ride in with another group, an of course my bike hand another flat! This time it was the back tire, and the guy who works at the bike shop had the shop open so he was so helpful and changed it super quickly and we were off riding. Sunday I got almost 17miles in an hour and 5 minute. Not bad, and some good sprinting too! I also met two awesome women who we exchanged numbers, and hopefully we will be training for a tri together soon.

The weather wasn’t to good on Sunday for my beach bash, so some friends and I went to a local place right on the Bay, and enjoyed the sun and some drinks. We even got some mexican food afterwards. I got so many present related to my love for fitness, and even one for the LSAT.  Here are a few of my favorite, I got a bike seat cover from Japan, a RoadID braclet, a bicycle necklace, and so many more.

Love these people!


So what you’ve all been waiting for….


The winner of the Armpocket giveaway is….. Sarah S.  Thank you all for participating! Sarah please email me at



Have a good day everyone!