For most athletes, it is very typical we are carrying something.. gu, gel, a key or two, cell phone, ipod, money, the kitchen sink!?? You can’t possibly have enough hands for all of that stuff, so if you’re a girl they end up in your sports bra, your hand, and where ever else you may find a place to stash them that is semi comfortable. Bring on the heat, and everything does not stay put, you’re drenched in sweat and things are slipping out of your hand. Now you’re no longer concentrating on your run… this has been a problem of mine many times over.

There is a solution!  The SPIBelt!


I found all the nutrition in my house and put it in (there is still room!)

I received the SPIbelt and was super excited about the fact that I could fit so much in it.. I immediately tried it out, put a couple of Gu’s, my cell phone, my ipod, some chews, my key, and it still zipped. I was pretty amazed. I think put it on, adjusted the size to me. It fit very well. It has two adjustable sides, which is perfect for that day in the winter you have all your extra layers on!

So I tested it out on my run next. With not as much nutrition this time.  Lets face it, I love to eat, but I am not having a picnic on my run. I fit my two gu’s and my cell phone in it and headed out the door for a good 5 miler. It didn’t bounce or move around, it was snug and very comfy. I had to leave the zipper a little undone for my headphone cord to come out (this is only a minor set back). They do have a SPIbelt with a hole in it, which you can use for your headphones.

I do a lot of cycling and for those of you who know there are special cycling jerseys with pockets in the back, well those get pretty expensive. So on my evening causal ride I throw on my SPIbelt and slide my phone in and im off on a nice ride. It takes zero time to put on, and I actually forget that it is so reachable.


I could still fit the kitchen sink and I bet it wouldn’t move around either!

I know some of my readers are all about the arm bands and armpockets…  this is an alternative for those who do not think that they could stand something on their arm while they work out. Also if  it’s super sunny out, avoid that possible tan line and put on your SPIbelt!

Here’s how you can find what other products they have, specials, and where other people love this just as much as me!



Website: (seriously go check out the other awesome products, I have a  few on my wish list)

I love all the colors they offer, and the fact that they even have sizes for children.  I am planning on using my SPIbelt during my first Triathlon here in two weeks. I think it’s going to be a great tool to use to store my nutrition and hold my bib number. Who doesn’t want a speedy transition time, I believe that the SPIbelt is going to assist me in having a super smooth and quick transition. Stay tuned for my recap of the Triathlon (only 19 days!)

So for all of you that made it down here, go ahead and enter to win your very own SPIbelt! I’m super stoked about being able to pass this along to all of my readers!   Tell me what you currently do on your long workouts.

SPIbelt Giveaway  click here

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