So as many of you know I have been training pretty regularly for my first Triathlon, which was supposed to be on August 18th… I got an email confirmation from the race director on Sunday. They officially canceled the race that I have been training for and  gathering my support team for. 

I’m devastated, pretty sad. This is the second race this year for me that was canceled, what’s up with that!

The Norfolk Sprint Triathlon was canceled due to lack of volunteers. They did not want to put on an unsafe event. Then they threw this in the email to which makes me wonder… “We re-worked the run course to improve that from 2012 to 2013, and we will re-work the cycling course for 2014 to not include so many intersections.  So we will 100% be back next year with a much improved event.  So put it on your radar.”

First the Virginia Beach Tough Mudder, now this.

Soooo, for the GREAT news for me. I am registering for a new Triathlon.  September 8th is the new date! A few more weeks, a little more distance on this course, but I’m pretty excited to have something pretty close to race in! 

With this race being later I may be able to wear a wetsuit for the 750 meter open water swim. I need to get in some practice time in a wetsuit first. 

So with the bad, the good comes! This is a bigger race too. The course should be amazing since its in Williamsburg. I’m doing the Patriot Sprint Triathlon. I’m looking forward to it.

PS I’m getting over a cold, so this is probably a good thing, since training hasn’t been up to par. Wish me luck!