Over the past few weeks of training, I have noticed a numbness almost a loss of feeling in my legs and feet. This occurs when I am riding my bicycling, running sometimes, laying down, and even lounging at the beach. I thought it was the most peculiar thing ever. CaptureAnd I never thought it could happen to me. Well here I am 24  years old, super active and combating poor circulation, and muscle fatigue.

After some chats with some friends, I learned about COMPRESSION SOCKS. What a miracle item. I have been running for about 10 years, and I was sure I knew all I needed and wanted to know about running, and all of the fun accessories, injuries and all in between. Oh boy, I was wrong. I have fallen in love with my bright compression socks. I even wear them while I am reading, cooking, and going on a drive for over an hour.

There are so many benefits to wearing compression socks, my first and foremost is how quickly it helps your muscles recover and increase of blood circulation! Secondly how bright and stylish they are. You are surely to be noticed and that is definitely a safety benefit!

ProCompression offers a lot of bright colors and options for you to choose from. I seriously wish I could replace all of my socks with them. They’re comfortable, and built for the athlete. I currently only have the Orange Marathon Sock and the Neon Yellow Sleeve. I love both.  I really do not think you could be disappointed in this product at all! I have enjoyed sporting my compression sleeve to the office underneath my dress slacks, and showing them off.  I think I have made a new staple in my wardrobe!

After a good brick workout last week this is how I decided to spend the rest of my morning!


Love these!

Socks vs. Sleeves. It’s really up to you! I personally think the sleeves are great for triathletes. You can wear them in the water, and transition right into your bike and then run! this allows you to go sockless if you desire to for your cycle! You can use the ProCompression socks in any sport, workforce, or area of relaxation! I dare you to give it a try!

They also have a sock of the month, which is a new design which is a limited time offer. I always check out their new sock!

Another great thing about ProCompression is they are from right here in the USA! Go over to their website and check them out! http://www.procompression.com/

at least my legs look good and feel great!

at least my legs look good and feel great!

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For those of you who haven’t heard of compression socks, what do you do to help circulation and muscle recovery? Do you have a pair of lucky socks? Do you have a pair of ProCompression socks? How many do you?

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For those of you not wanting to wait to see if you’re the lucky winner, and want to get a pair right away. Shoot on over to their website ( http://www.procompression.com ) and use the coupon code PCBLG for 40% off and FREE SHIPPING!  What a great deal for everyone! Let me know which one you get!