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Well, here we go… my very first marathon is in the books. Done, not even 5 hours long. Wait, you mean I waited like 8 years to do a marathon that I was terrified of, almost deferred it, and it only lasted 4 hours, 54 minutes?! I will do a race recap later this week, when I have my lovely pictures.

I’m stoked what can I say. Sign me up to do that again! Okay let me train this time. Maybe I can PR by an hour? 😀

Here is how it went down… I’ll start from about 4 months ago, right when training first started.

It’s October, I’m getting started with my training… Running, cycling, and maybe even some swimming. I hit a high of 65 miles that month of training. AMAZING. The highest mileage I had ever hit, and I’ve been running for about a decade now.  Now start the coughing… It is cold and I’ve been coughing for a month straight. Little exercises that I’ve been doing forever are now difficult and I’m having a difficult time breathing. I could not stand it so I took myself to the Dr… my worst nightmare. I hate going to the doctor, the dentist, the car shop, places where you rarely here, everything is great!

My doctor prescribed me an inhaler to help me with this breathing issues, this was after I was checked for pneumonia.  I have now had an inhaler to help me breath during the cold weathered months so that I may continue to exercise and breathe.

Well this took me off of my training plan, and then it was the holiday season. Cue the Christmas cookies, and my personal favorite, PUMPKIN MUFFINS! I wasn’t very active, other than eating and my 10 miler race that happened in December.

Well the new year came and I am determined to complete a triathlon so I’m back in the pool, swimming, getting my flip turn down! Cycling indoors on my trainer and occasionally outside when the warm weather has come. I have run a few times this year, no more than 4 miles I would say.

The boyfriend and I spoke of deferring the marathon until the next year, that way I would not injure myself, well that all sounded great and very convincing. I would go to the website, and would start entering my information…  and then I would wander off. I just could NOT bring myself to finish that deferral process. I did not want to hurt myself, but what if I walked/run it… A possibility. My goal then changed from 5 hours to FINISH.

You have to do what is right for yourself. I am so happy I did not defer my marathon, and now I ask myself, WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG to do a marathon!

Stay tuned for the Shamrock marathon recap!

Keep running!


Yesterday I went to the Shamrock Expo basically right after work because I could not contain the excitement and could not wait any longer. I picked my t-shirt and bib. Had to ensure my first marathon t-shirt fit. I have had many races where the t-shirt is to big and I do not wear it. I am so wearing this shirt Monday to my new job all day long. (I think I may wear my medal too. we will see.

I spent almost 3 hours at the Expo! I lost track of time, talked to a lot of vendors and talked about new races! I am so pumped! Just to name a few: Ragnar Relay (recently added to my to do), OBX Tri ( I just signed up for), Richmond Marathon, Garmin, SPIbelt, and a local bike shop. I talked to te Garmin people about watches and all of the different functions. I think I am sold to the 910! Now I shall wait till my birthday to get this… 😋

I did manage to get a picture of me and the SPIbelt girls Rita and Anna too!


They were so helpful! I found the race toggles I looked all over for a the expo at their booth! I told them of my adventures with my current belt, including my blog, and they let me have a new one!! 😁 It is orange, which if you don’t know is my favorite color! I am tempted to wear both on Sunday!

So let me know what your tips for running a marathon are. Do you train with a heart rate monitor? Which are your favorite?

Enjoy your weekend and wish me luck on my adventure tomorrow!

Okay so it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Major fail by me… the past few months I have spent hibernating, eating cookies, and staying indoors out of the wind, and cold.

Although the past month and half, I have swam, been learning the flip turn, and how to have a more efficient freestyle stroke. Signed up for the Tour de Cure Century ride, signed up for an olympic distance triathlon, found a new job, have I mentioned boyfriend. Yes I have a wonderful boyfriend whom fixes my bike, I mean whom I can ride with and run with.

I will get back on here more often and tell you about my adventures of my training, attempts, minor accomplishments, successes, and failed attempts. 🙂


The Boyfriend and I

Here is my weekend forecast:


Shamrock Crit. A local bike race. The boyfriend is racing, and I will be spectating his race, then I will be volunteering with some awesome girls that I met at a group bike ride last week.

Shamrock Full Marathon…. Ohhhh eeeeem geeee.
My training is not where it should have been. I was going to defer this race, but B talked me into it, and I talked myself out of it. I developed some type of winter asthma that killed me after my first solid month of training, then I got sick, and I was sad… long story short, I went from having a 5 hr goal to the goal of finishing, setting my PR, and possibly doing another Full in Richmond in November this year. We shall see. Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach is put on by J & A racing, which is a GREAT organization. So I just couldn’t say No.

Any tips or suggestions, or words of motivation will be helpful. I have already picked up some nutrition and cut my toe nails… what else? 🙂

Beach to Battleship 140.6

Beach to Battleship 140.6October 17th, 2015
Time to take on the biggest physical and mental challenge !

Mileage 2015

Running 2015
(does not include treadmill)

Miles this Month: 12
Miles this Year: 88.5


Miles this Month: 120
Miles this Year: 381.2



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