Yesterday I went to the Shamrock Expo basically right after work because I could not contain the excitement and could not wait any longer. I picked my t-shirt and bib. Had to ensure my first marathon t-shirt fit. I have had many races where the t-shirt is to big and I do not wear it. I am so wearing this shirt Monday to my new job all day long. (I think I may wear my medal too. we will see.

I spent almost 3 hours at the Expo! I lost track of time, talked to a lot of vendors and talked about new races! I am so pumped! Just to name a few: Ragnar Relay (recently added to my to do), OBX Tri ( I just signed up for), Richmond Marathon, Garmin, SPIbelt, and a local bike shop. I talked to te Garmin people about watches and all of the different functions. I think I am sold to the 910! Now I shall wait till my birthday to get this… 😋

I did manage to get a picture of me and the SPIbelt girls Rita and Anna too!


They were so helpful! I found the race toggles I looked all over for a the expo at their booth! I told them of my adventures with my current belt, including my blog, and they let me have a new one!! 😁 It is orange, which if you don’t know is my favorite color! I am tempted to wear both on Sunday!

So let me know what your tips for running a marathon are. Do you train with a heart rate monitor? Which are your favorite?

Enjoy your weekend and wish me luck on my adventure tomorrow!