I’ve been on a roll the past two weeks with working out. Not only doing cardio, but weight lifting as well. I figured if I am going to do a 140.6 triathlon, I might as be little tougher too, or so I can at least crawl to the finish line! haha 🙂

In my attempts to stay motivated I can proudly say I have been winning against my mind. I ran 15 miles in last week, and even took the bike off of the trainer and got another 22 miles. A long distance (6 mile) run on Sunday followed by my very fashionable bike ride! And I have to think to myself if I am sandbagging my workouts, or if I am recovering better. I upped my weights at weightlifting, and even pushed myself on my long run and when I cycled… I am NOT sore! What the heck? It hurt when I did it, what is going on?! This has been mind boggling for me. I’ve been doing really good at stretching before and after all activities, and even doing some protein shakes after long hard workouts. Have you improved in recovering to the point of not being sore?

Fashionable & warm

Fashionable & warm

My goal for this week is to run 20 miles, this is 5 more miles than last week. Weight lift 3 times this week. Also a swim workout would be great as well. What are your goals this week?

Oh and I’m only 9 months and 5 days from my iron distance tri!! EK! I should probably go run, bike, or swim right now!