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Ironman North Carolina race recap.. part 1

It came in like a Hurricane, literally. Hurricane Matthew hit the east coast of the United States about two weeks before Ironman North Carolina, actually it hit my Wedding Day, October 8th! North Carolina saw a lot of devastation and even some death.

As I drove down to Wilmington, we used Waze, we drove through some more of the middle of the state and we saw the devastation to these small towns, still under water 2 weeks later. It made receiving the dreadful email a little bit easier to digest. These towns had bridges out, roads flooded and washed away, and home and business still under water – 2 week later!

We arrived in Wilmington Thursday around 4:45pm! Just enough time to get into the check in line and pick up my packet, bib, and fancy Ironman bag. I checked out the expo and bought myself a t-shirt with my name on it! We then went and got dinner with my bestie who happens to work at PPD. We found some good pizza place, the husband and bestie shared a pizza while I had a whole calzone to myself and of course some pumpkin beer! We went back to the besties house who lived about 45 minutes away and I began to prepare the “bags”. The bags included a T1 Bag, T2 Bag and a run special needs. Typically you would get a bike special needs but since it was a shorten course they cut that out. There was also a morning special needs bag which I opted from using since the Husband was there to take all of my stuff. I layed all of my stuff on each of my bags, ensuring that I could double and triple check for everything that I could possibly need. I also duck tapped my bags orange to easily spot while running through transitions. We went to bed kinda early to ensure that I could get up and get those bags to the correct spots for the next day!

So Friday the eve of the Big Day comes and we wake up, have some coffee and load everything into the car for the race (Bike & Bags) and head back to Wilmington. First stop, T1 to drop the bike and bike bag off! My bike ends up being near the bike out portion of T1, I see the changing tents, and drop the bag off. I should have previewed the changing these to get a better idea. We then head to the Convention Center where the expo and T2 can be found.  At the expo we wander around to find some Honey Singer Pomegranate Passion Fruit Chews because I underestimated how many calories I needed to intake. We found them, so I was a happy almost ironman to  be, my husband then found BASE salt and made a sign that they would late put in the ground for the run course!

We then head over to T2, drop off the run bag, and are checking out the logistics of the whole thing. There is gravel from the bike in, and are we really going to be coming into T2 downhill?! We move along to the PPD Heros event that my bestie got us into. We watched an awe inspiring film on what PPD does exactly and how it helps our community and people. Then we got to hear from some of the PPD Heros! SO AMAZING, INSPIRING and certainly tear jerking! If you ever have the opportunity to hear or talk to any of the PPD Hero’s, I encourage you all to. They are amazing! After the event the bestie takes us up to her office and shows us a birds eye view of T2 and we talk grocery list for tonight’s early dinner. We leave the bestie at work to finish her day.

The Husband and I, of course find the local bike shop and check it out. The manager of the Bike Cycles was competing in the IM and had bought his employees some of the cool IMNC shirts! We leave there and head to the grocery store for pasta, chicken, veggies, coffee, coffee creamer, peanut butter  and some snacks for the husband. We leave there and head to the besties house only to find ourselves locked out. Of course I was upset, because I had planned everything out and everything was going smoothly, I needed to decide if I was going to wear a bathing suit or tri kit Saturday, eat dinner, and go to bed early, and being locked out was not in the plan. We decided to take a walk on the beach and get a donut at Dunkin Donuts to pass the time. She got to the house about 45 minutes later and everything was okay. After that everything went smoothly, a quick dinner, lots of water, and off to sleep I was. I woke up a few hours into my sleeping as my friends from NOVA had arrived to come cheer me on for Saturday.

Part 2 coming shortly! 🙂



Okay okay, I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus, and first off I apologize. Please forgive me my dear readers. Working a full time job and like 2-3 pt jobs, and trying to stay motivated in the cold months to exercise can really be difficult!

A lot of awesome things have been going on here at the beach. First off, the man moved in with me. I could not be more excited about the transition, and of course the pup loves him. Secondly, I’ve started my own sole proprietorship so that has kept me very busy gaining clients and getting business going.

And what you’ve actually clicked on my page for to hear the CRAZY, exciting, emotional news… I signed up for a full ironman distance triathlon! 140.6!! I’m excited, nervous, and everything in between. And oh yeah, the bike envy set in about 2 hours after I registered!

My 140.6 is on October 17, 2015! I have about 10 months to train for this, and kick it’s butt! I am going to need all the motivation to get through the winter months, and hours spent training. OMG! I’m doing a full ironman! 😀

Here are the details:

PPD Beach to Battleship is THE EVENT!

October 17, 2015 is the WHERE!

309 days till I tri the hardest challenge that I’ve ever paid for! haha
My goals:

1st and foremost, save up and purchase a TRI BIKE immediately!

2nd Finish the 140.6 and enjoy the journey

3rd, if I can finish do so in 12-14 hours!

Okay, i’ll be back on here much more, swear, I have to keep myself accountable for the 140.6!

Wish me luck! Give me advice on a Tri bike, I currently only have a GT Road Bike. And any training advice, I’m still without a training plan….. 😦


Beach to Battleship 140.6

Beach to Battleship 140.6October 17th, 2015
Time to take on the biggest physical and mental challenge !

Mileage 2015

Running 2015
(does not include treadmill)

Miles this Month: 12
Miles this Year: 88.5


Miles this Month: 120
Miles this Year: 381.2



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